Nigeria Digital Economy Summit

About NDES

The Nigeria Digital Economy Summit (NDES) is a privately funded, public-private partnership forum to support Nigeria’s digital transformation into a leading digital economy. 

The forum will collaborate with both Federal and State Governments to develop the different levers (Entrepreneurship, Skills, Finance, Infrastructure and Platforms) that are critical to the development of a robust digital economy.

Nigeria will be able to leverage the innovation and creativity of its youthful population – a key asset for the Knowledge Economy- in order to harness unprecedented opportunities brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

It is expedient that we develop Nigeria’s digital economy as it creates opportunities for learning new skills, extending market reach and creating new jobs that can bring about economic prosperity for millions. This is crucial to Nigeria’s GDP growth, irrespective of shortcomings in traditional infrastructure.


Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, with a population of approximately 197 million, accounting for 47% of West Africa’s population and has one of the largest populations of youth and women in the world.  For many years it was viewed as the most dynamic and innovative economy in the region. However, despite relative stability, it could be argued that Nigeria has not lived up to its obvious potential with regard to the digital revolution.

At current GDP growth, subdued oil prices and increased population growth, there is a need to reimagine how the Nigerian Government invests and utilises digital developments to increase relevant foreign direct investments and trade in emerging industries, and achieve cost effective public service delivery.

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