I have been a trusted advisor to some of the world’s biggest organisations, most recently to the President of the largest economy in Africa with a population in excess of 200,000,000 people and growing.

I am privileged to have had numerous knowledge sharing experiences with other African Governments; these have shaped my views on Africa for the better.

I am a part of the formidable team that makes up The Foresight Group, an organisation destined to stand out and be known for the quality of our works.  We are determined to continue to make steady impact in moving Africa towards economic development and inclusive prosperity.

Africa is home to the most industrious and innovative minds and businesses, which if given the right leverage and partnerships, have capacity to thrive on the global scene.

With over 30 years of industry experience both locally and internationally, and having been a key player in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise development within the private and public sector at large, I have experienced various shifts in the manner at which business and industry is conducted, and it is imperative that we position ourselves rightly for the future.

We must harness the power of our youths, and the digital revolution which is now upon us to redefine Africa’s history for her sustained economic development and prosperity for all.



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    Flowers in Chania


    Transforming Africa's Digital Economy through Public and Private sector collaborations. 

    A group of independent companies with interwoven expertise.


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