Leadership Team

An assemblage of thought leaders with a combined expertise spanning 102 years. Our focused domain expertise includes Management & Strategy Consulting, IT Consulting, Entrepreneurship Development, Government Relations, Development Financing and Public-Private Partnerships.


Our Team has deep social and relationship capital acquired through long track record in both public and private sectors. This is critical to support the growth and development of the Digital Economy.


Our young, dynamic and digitally savvy team is in tune with the power of digital transformation through its capacity for wealth creation for lifting the African continent. We are critical thinkers, skillful and swift responders, constantly creating sustainable solutions.




Our goal as game changers is to create impact, leveraging on our trusted partnerships for the benefits of our clients and associates. Our objective as thought leaders is creating business organisations that consistently deliver innovative technologies and cutting edge solutions.




The diversities of our experts’ culture, gender and experience offer varied opportunities, maximising our sphere of influence to the advantage of clients. As a result, our customised advisory services deliver increased productivity and significant revenue growth.

Our Presence

We are headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria, with a focus on the African continent. Our clients and partners are across the globe.


Our partners cut across various sectors of the economy including Government, Technology OEMs, Not-for-Profit Organisations, Development Partners, Institutional Investors, Civil Society Organisations, and Academia.

News from The Foresight Group

      Flowers in Chania


      Transforming Africa's Digital Economy through Public and Private sector collaborations. 

      A group of independent companies with interwoven expertise.


      44 Lord Lugard Street, Asokoro, Abuja.