The Foresight Group is a collaboration of three uniquely distinct independent companies that have come together forming an alliance to support the digital transformation of Africa. A group of companies with interwoven expertise.

  • Foresight Innovation Consulting
  • Foresight Knowledge Hub
  • Foresight Venture Capital

With a growing population and an average age of 19 years, Africa’s Industrialisation, which will bring economic prosperity and inclusive growth is well poised on the successful implementation of the continent’s digital transformation.

The Foresight Group is bringing its wealth of experience to support #Africa #DigitalTransformation.



Our Vision

To be the leading player in Africa’s digital transformation, and drive economic prosperity on the continent.

“We are making the Fourth Industrial Revolution Africa’s revolution towards economic growth and inclusive prosperity.”

– CEO, Foresight Group

Our Mission

Our mission at The Foresight Group is to work with both public and private sector organisations to leverage the power of digital transformation for development through collaboration on partnerships for investment, knowledge and skills transfer, and to:


Our Core Values

Delivering excellent results from high-quality work.

Our goal is to create a better Africa. We plan to achieve this by taking measured risks and creating opportunities in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Recruiting Talent
We believe that to deliver the best, you have to work with the best. Therefore, we collaborate with experts in their respective fields from across the world. 

We recognise that the basis of successful relationships with both our partners and clients is trust. This trust is earned through our quest for quality, delivering best results continuosly.

Leading with Integrity
Above all, we aim to foster a culture of honesty and transparency while recognising accountability as a fulcrum of corporate integrity.

The Foresight Group comprises of the most dynamic individuals that make up the organisation and they are highly recommended...

“Working with the team at Foresight I’ve been impressed by the mix of extraordinary vision for our digital futures, powerful purpose and the ability to make innovation happen at all levels and at pace.”

Liz Brandt – CtrlShift, UK


Working in Partnership with Global Experts.

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    Transforming Africa's Digital Economy through Public and Private sector collaborations. 

    A group of independent companies with interwoven expertise.


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